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Thursday, Dec. 11th 2014

 Trends change at such a rapid pace that it might cause customers some concern that their choices today may be outdated tomorrow. For example, we still see traces of the ‘0’s, such as orange, brown and green wallpaper and laminated wood grain countertops. These bold choices from the past make it difficult to transition to the future. While styles and trends have changed throughout the years, there are those vintage classics that have managed to stay with us through the decades.


Carrara marble. It’s beautiful and timeless. When picturing a white open airy kitchen or gorgeous hexagon tile infused bathroom with claw foot tub, it is hard to depict that image without having carrara featured as the backsplash or bathroom floor. The grey veining is the highlight of this marble that goes great with the timeless black and white scheme. Pairing carrara with black accents will surely keep any room in your home classic and awe inspiring.


Vintage style does not always pertain to color but can also be found in shapes and sizes. Subway tile ( yes, this tile did get it’s name from the tile used in early subways) is used very commonly for anything from a backsplash to a wainscotting  and even shower walls. These rectangular 3 x 6 tiles have found their way through the times and have evolved from its roots from a brick material to hand glazed ceramic and more modern glass tiles. With keeping to this shape, many have found a way to keep to tradition while including a modern touch. Subway tiles have become a wonderful alternative to the square and brought back a little history.


 Carrara Ocatgon         Sophia White

What vintage classics have you used in your home?

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