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Tuesday, Aug. 26th 2014


Tabula Cenere 1  Antico Travertine 16 x 16  Natural Multi


While digital technology can be evident in entertainment and web-based fields, one wonders how we can be affected by this new digital world in other ways. Digital inkjet printing has been changing the way we view and recognize porcelain tile. Many may feel as though they can easily distinguish between a natural stone and a man made product, although, to the untrained eye it may be more difficult than you imagine.

Digital Imaging is the latest and greatest innovation in tile to create precision tile visuals and image resolutions as high as 1,000 dpi. The ability to imitate the graining of wood, the feel of stone and the delicateness of linen makes it near impossible to tell the difference. Some may wonder, why not buy the real thing? Porcelain tile is one of the most durable wall and flooring materials on the market. With this new technology, customers can receive the look of real without the hassle and maintenance. Put simply, the idea of no waxing, no sealing and no staining create enough benefits to take another look at the porcelain alternative.

Can you tell the difference?

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